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    Ich habe da einpaar Schwierige Fragen an euch:

    1.Warum sind die Bäume in Springfield lila und nicht braun
    2.Wer kam eigentlich auf den Namen Simpsons und wieso?

    weitere Fragen folgen noch:P

    Ich mache ein Referat in Englisch über die Simpsons, da habe ich mal an eine Frage an euch

    Warum hat Marge eigentlich als einzigster Character der Familie Simpson ein blaue Haarfarbe?

    Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen.

    Hi Leute,

    Ich bin in der 9. Klasse einer Realschule, wir müssen ca. in 2 Monaten in Englisch ein 5minuten Referat halten.
    Da mein Englisch leider nicht so gut ist:rolleyes: ,wollte ich euch mal Frage ob ihr meinen Text mal durchlesen und ihn dann evtl. verbessern könnt. Oder auch sonst Verbesserungsvorschläge habt.



    Und hier ist:) :

    8.30 p.m. in America.
    Primetime. Millions of Americans are watching TV, but not boring action films, some love story or unrealistic science-fiction thriller... They are watching “The Simpsons”, America’s most successful comic strip. The telestation FOX became 1987 on Groening and his Comic "Life in Hell" attentively. Groening getting the order from FOX to prepare the characters from ' Life in Hell ' for the television; they looked for an indication trick series, which could be shown between the Sketchen of the "Tracey Ullman Show". Groening however wanted to use his rabbits not for the TV and invented a few new characters "the Simpsons".The Simpsons it was liked in such a way that the telestation gave them its own, halfhour transmission, those on 17 December 1989 with the Episode" Simpsons Roasting on at open Fire ". The series won up to now 20 Emmys and meanwhile in over 70 countries is beamed. "the Simpsons" is the most successful indication trick series of all times, which brought their 2001 an entry into the Guinness book of the records.It was so successful because after similar comedy series like “Bill Cosby” the Simpsons presented a revolutionary new combination of humoristic comic strips and direct social criticism of American society.

    Another reason for its success is that the Simpsons represent normal and average American society, everything in the series is ordinary. Matt Groening intended to criticise society by showing it how average it really is. Nothing in the series is invented, everything and everybody does exist. “Springfield”, for example, is the most used name for cities in America. Homer and Marge are the names of Matt Groening’s parents, the teachers in Springfield’s Elementary School have the same names as Matt’s former teachers, the coach driver and the neighbours are the same and so on. Everybody exists in reality, which does not mean that they have the same characters as in the series. Groening wanted to create a comic series which is as real as possible, and what is more realistic than reality itself? In the series Groening broaches many different themes and social problems like the power of the mass media, mostly criticised by the brutal comic strips of “Itchy & Scratchy” and the action films of “Rainier Wolfcastle”, the personified action hero like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Silvester Stallone. The author also criticizes industry and its attitude towards the environment, mainly represented by Montgomery Burns, the owner of the Nuclear Power Station.

    Another critical point for Groening is the security system in the U.S.A., no wonder that Springfield’s policemen are all corrupt and open to bribery. Similar to the police is the Mayor called Joe Quimby. He has always love affairs with his young secretaries – an allusion to the Clinton-Affair-, his holidays are always paid by the taxpayers and he is also open to bribery. These are only a few of the points of criticism Groening mentions in the series, others are, for example, illegal immigration, child-violence, the right to bear arms and many, many more. The variety of the people and of the topics makes “The Simpsons” worthwhile. All figures at the Simpsons have four fingers at each hand and are usually left-handed. The only person with five fingers at each hand is God. The Simpsons and all inhabitants of Springfield possess besides (more or less) a yellow skin colour. Nobody exactly knows why the Sipmsons are yellow. On the one hand says, the Simpsons are yellow, because as matt Groening has started to draw the Simpsons he had only the colour yellow

    The Simpsons family consists of five people. The father is called Homer Simpson; he is characterized as the loveable, not terribly intelligent father who tries to please his family, his boss and his friends all the time, but with varying degrees of success. He works as a safety inspector in a nuclear power plant. His wife and mother of three children is Marge Simpson, a patient and quite intellectual housewife. She embodies the stereotypical American mother, serving as a model of morality and good behaviour. Bartholomew J. Simpson, called “Bart” (which is an anagram of “brat”) is a cheeky young boy who only thinks of the next trick he can play on his parents, his sister or his teachers. When the show began, Bart was unquestionably the favourite. However, today Homer is more or less the star; he is the most emphasized character in any episode. The brain of the family is definitely Lisa Simpson, particularly marked by her impressive intellect. Lisa seems to be the perfect child; she is honest, kind, talented and smart. Together with her mom she is the other moral person in the show. Last but not least there is Maggie Simpson, the youngest child, who is a baby. Since the show started Maggie has never spoken a word, she only sucks her pacifier all the time.